Welcome to The Michigan Daily's elections app!

You're welcome to submit questions as you think of them. You can submit them to any category that is not locked. When your question is ready to be asked, it will turn green.

There is one category for the EPE Elections.

Submit questions to this category and you will be called on when your question is coming up.

There are 10 rounds in the EIC election process.

Each round consists of 8 questions.

Of those, 6 of them will be from a category titled "EIC Questions: Round X", where X is the current round number we are on.

The last 2 questions per round will be taken from the impromptu category. Feel free to submit questions related to any topic. These topics include, but are not limited to, Taylor Swift, cats, or Taylor Swift's cats.

After 8 questions have been asked, there will be a quiz conducted by each section.